2U-4 Heat Pipe Heat Sinks

Theoretically, the heat sink base is in tight contact with the CPU, objectively, No matter how smooth the two contact surfaces are, there is a gap with air between the base and the CPU, and the air has poor thermal conductivity. So, an excellent CPU service heat sink designed as:

  1. A super-smooth heat sink base which achieved by the process technical and material surface treatment.
  2. Using heat conductive silicone and heat tape which is easier to heat conduction and deform to reduce the contact clearance.
  3. The fastener attaches the radiator tightly to the CPU.
  4. The contact between the radiator and the CPU is completely parallel to maintain the maximum contact area.



CPU typeLGA4189 rectangle
Rated Voltage12Vdc
Fan Speed3000-6800 RPM
Max Noise(dBA)47.2
MAX Flow (CFM)36.32 CFM
Fan connect4pin (PWM)
Fan type6025
Bearing TypeDouble rolling beads
Heat Pipe4 Pcs
Material FinAluminium
Material BaseCopper
Material Heat PipeCopper
Consumption (W)225W


  1. 6025 fan has lower noise.
  2. 4 pcs heat pipe is superconductor composite tubes, they have excellent heat conduction, which quickly transfers the CPU heat to the radiator Fin part.
  3. The reflux welding process is adopted. Perfect surface contact, stable thermal conductivity, strong heat transfer and conversion ability, and efficient heat dissipation。
  4. Used 6025 Fan. The fan has low noise by special fan design, running stable, efficient heat dissipation.
  5. Copper base has good heat absorption capacity, contact closely with CPU, the heat is quickly attracted and dispersed around the radiator.