Heat sink Technologies

Firstly, why are heat sinks important?

The increased dissipated power per unit area from the electrical components are fueling the heat sink growth. Heat sinks are known as heat exchangers, which is used in electronic products and devices for heat exchange. By the custom heat sink makes the high-performance electric component be more effective. By the Heat sink technologies, below would show you the skived fin heat sink.

Skived Fin Heat Sink

By the High-precision cutting technology and other moulding techniques, the raw material is cut out a larger heat dissipation area, which increases the heat exchange performance is 1.5 – 2 times than welded-type heat sink, the increasing helps the electronic components has a long service life.

Drforge is a heat sinks manufacturer, the Skived fin heat sink, we use precision skiving process produce aluminium skived fin heat sink and copper skived fin heat sink. And by the over 10 years of engineer and production process, we have solved a lot of technical problems. Our technical increases fin area and making the accumulating heat and the heat dissipation plate are integrated, so that the heat directly from the heat absorption bottom plate to the heat dissipation part, the heat energy can be efficiently transmitted.

Compared with the traditional heat sinks, the skived fin heat sinks can produce smaller fin spaces, the smallest can be 0.20mm. the thinner design is good for the heat not to accumulate inside heat sinks, which means the heat is very easier be taken away, which improve the electronic components working speed and life.

The skived fin heat sinks have below advantages:

  1. The Skived fin heat sink express excellent cooling characteristics because it is an integral material, no connection joints.
  2. the fin has a high density and higher heat transfer efficiency.
  3. The lightweight and lower cost.
  4. Compared with processes such as aluminium extrusion, skived fin radiators have smaller size limits, and can be done wider for heat transfer in high-power equipment.
  5. It does not need an expensive model tool, the design is more flexible.
  6. Thermal interface material can be added to the radiator to better connect to the heat source and complete the heat dissipation. The skived fin heat sink is widely used in electricity, medical, communications, industrial control and servers. With large-scale applications, shovel tooth technology became more mature and its coverage expanded.

The skived fin heat sink is made from a block aluminium or copper materials by special skive machine and using high precision skived technology to cut out high-density radiator, high fins. the ultra-long radiator structure overcomes the traditional radiator thickness and length ratio restrictions to produce high-density radiators.

The thermal conductivity efficiency of the skived fin heat sink can reach 100% of the profile. That makes the skived fin heat sinks widely used in the photovoltaic industry, electric vehicles, inverters, communication products, greenhouse led lamps etc.

Skived fin heat sinks production process flow:

Here we would like to share with you our heat sink manufacturing process, by that you will see how are heat sinks manufactured.

  1. According to the end-user choose the material (aluminium or copper), but the material on the skived machine.
  2. Setting the data, including fin space, fin height and fin thickness.
  3. Starting the skived machine with monitor by the engineer, who is checking the sample is satisfied, adjust the machine or data if need.
  4. Cut the semi-finished heat sink cooling material into the specified design size.
  5. Process the cut semi-finished products, deburr, attack and pressure, etc.
  6. Embedded hot pipe design, groove, pressing and epoxy welding on the back of cut radiator.
  7. Packing the heat radiator.

Skived fin heat sinks type

The heat sinks copper vs aluminium:

  • Copper skived fin heat sink: Copper has very good thermal conductive efficiency and with the skived technologies, the copper skived fin heat sink has supper good heat exchange performance. Deforge helps you design a copper skived fin heat sink to be used on CPU, chips, high power BIGT, high power BAG, data service equipment and so on.
  • Aluminium skived fin heat sink normally made by pure aluminium block, the thermal conductive efficiency is higher than alloy, heat exchange performance is more stable than extruded heat sinks. Our large aluminium skiving heat sink is used in power system heat dissipation, server and other fields, aluminium thermal conductivity is good, plus the skiving fin technology can achieve the maximum heat dissipation area per unit volume, greatly improve the overall heat dissipation performance.

Does copper conduct heat better than aluminium?

Yes, because the copper heat transfer is faster than aluminium.

Manufacturing capacity:

Material:Cooper(C11000), Aluminum (6063)
Max fin weight(mm/Inch)500/20
Max fin height (mm/Inch)100/4
Fin thickness (mm/Inch)0.15/0.006
Base thickness (mm)1-30
Tolorance (mm)+/- 0.2


What are heat sinks used for?

Skived fin heat sinks is applied widely. The skiving process can be combined with other cooling methods, for example, heat pipe technical, water cooler technical and so on. By the electric device different shapes and sizes, combining different technical process to make suitable heat sinks. At the moment the custom heat sinks are applied on:

  • Laptop, computer, for example, Heat sinks paste for CPU like MACBOOK heat sink
  • telecommunication facilities
  • Industrial equipment and parts
  • led Lighting heat sinks & Home Appliance Industry
  • Auto parts
  • 5g base station and server