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  1. About the use of the website

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  1. Protection of intellectual property rights

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3.2 For the bindi products displayed on this website, our company enjoys the corresponding intellectual property rights. Any person or organization that USES the products or product pictures of the website shall obtain prior authorization from our company.

3.3 The appearance and functions of all products displayed on this website shall be subject to the physical objects and the product specifications for official sales. The product information provided on the website page is for reference only and does not constitute any commitment or warranty for the related products.

  1. Disclaimer

4.1  The information provided in this website is for users’ reference only. Before using the information on this website, users should consider the risk caused by the information or inaccuracy of information transmission. We are not liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use or failure to use the information or any links or items provided on this website.

4.2  For the purposes of the company’s business development, the website will use terms including but not limited to “expectation”, “belief”, “forecast”, “expectation”, “intention” and other similar terms to make statements. Such statements are inherently risky and uncertain. Therefore, such representations do not represent any commitment of our company to the relevant events. Our company will not compensate for any loss caused by the user’s belief in such statements and will not bear any legal liability.

  1. Amendment and validity of the terms of the declaration

5.1  We reserve the right to amend, add or delete any contents of this legal declaration at any time.

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  1. Jurisdiction

Any dispute arising from the user’s browsing and use of the website and related information or the infringement of the rights and interests of the website and the company, which cannot be settled through negotiation, shall be brought by either party to the people’s court of the place where the company is located.

  1. Right of interpretation

Our company has the right to interpret the use of the website and the contents of the website to the extent permitted by law.