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    Drforge offers Heatsink customization and manufacturing services at affordable prices. We promise to develop your module within 20 days and with no minimum quantity requirements

  • Stampings
  • Castings
  • Extrusions
  • Folded Fins
  • Bonded Fins
  • Special ODM OEM

Our recent products applications

Thermal Radiator Construction

Thermal Radiator Construction Profile Abstract: The thermal plane (also known as the bottom plate) and fins of the fixture. The materials used are mainly aluminum and copper and their alloys. There are many structural design patterns The profile heatsink consists of two parts: the heat transfer plane (also known as the bottom plate) of the

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why can we offer best heatsink?

Innovative Ideas

We will follow the latest trends from heats sink material, processing, and design technology


we will launch internal team dedicate for your every project, team member includes engineers , worker, sales and

Focus customers

Every Products is Unique, so as parts vendor, we must create a unique solution, from products to shipping, and designing service .

Total Flexible

As you will have long term project and short time emergency request, so we can offer a total solution based on your maximum benefit.

Our current Partners sharing experience

For customized components, we areworried about the stability of quality. Especially when choosing long-term partners, we need to consider many constraints, but we are fortunate that Drforge help us exceed our expectations, including Design and sampling, development, improvements. a lot of work.
Allan Doris
Procurement Leader
In particular, we are also exploring ourselves and cannot afford the risk of delaying new products, but we have met our needs because Dr forge have huge databases and product prototypes, and they can be quickly fed back to us. they are Real partners to help us avoid huge invisible risk.
James Stinger
Startup Co-founder
Our factory in China has now moved to Vietnam. In the process, our cooperation with Dr Forge is smooth, because their professionalism and diligent have helped us save a lot of inventory costs.
Dennis Winter

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