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Dr Forge is a leading Heat Sink Supplier for UPS, wind turbine, Photovoltaic inverter, power electronics, induction heater, computer, mobile phone, motor equipment, multifunctional tramcar, power equipment, IGBT, etc. Since 2012 Dr forge, has been providing cutting edge thermal solutions to a wide range of industries. Dr Forge is located in Shanghai CHINA.

Unique Features, Premium Quality and Excellent Value

At Dr Forge, we offer you the best price available for heat sink. We strive for excellence in all of our design and manufacturing processes, helping us to deliver best quality and value in timely manner.

A Message From Dr Forge Founder

I am a ordinary Chinese. But I hope you will gain a certain understanding after reading my story of myself and my company.

When I was young, I usually sat on a short stool and quietly watched my vigorous father and slightly aged grandfather creating their own arts.

Working in a country, they produced various farm tools for village farmers. The flashed fire, their sweat beads, and the crisp sound of iron were deeply imprinted on my mind

Product Hero

Our most honor recent products : Forging ,Alloy please check

Wish you can find more suitable parts and Solution for your next inspiring project

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Our Innovation

Want To Know How we Find out new idea for our customers?

Innovation is our key pitch, not only for the Quality but also for cost gradually decrease, read more story about our effor

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Our Mission

Delivery of Happy and Trust To Customer By High standard Products

You and Me are not only business partner, Also We are briing the high quality product together

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Our Charity

Yes , We Are Bringing Bright for those Disable Kids

Although we are startup company, we also can help other, bring them to workshop , Build confidence

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Our Core Values

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